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Website Credits

On behalf of all Whitevale members, thank-you to the following organizations and people who have contributed to make this website successful. In particular, the 2010/2011 Website Sub-Committee, which has spent countless hours over the past 18 months to provide our club with one of the most functional, best looking websites in private golf.

2010/2011 Website Sub-Committee:

Chris Couch
Kevin Huestis, Chair
Alex Maggiacomo
John Pullam, Project Leader
Norm Ullock

Website development and programming: John Pullam, McLean Systems Inc.
Graphic design: Chris Couch
Principal photography: Norm & Helene Ullock
Copywriting: Kevin Huestis, Alex Maggiacomo, John Pullam

Other valued contributors over the years: Linda Briggs, Gail Burrell, Terry Hosford, Diane Key, Dave Myrvold, Lynne Sage, Brian Sambleson. (Our apologies to the many other contributors we have missed!)