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The Costs

Whitevale is an "equity membership" golf club. As an equity member, you are also an owner with an equal opportunity to participate in decision making and strategic direction through voting, joining Committees or being elected to the Board of Directors. The nature of this structure also ensures that every decision, from course maintenance to beverage prices, is truly in line with the interests of our members.

Of course, Whitevale's equity structure also provides the flexibility to recoup some, all, or a surplus beyond your initial costs through the sale of your membership down the road. Ask most members and they will agree that there is an ethereal pleasure in knowing that they have a financial stake in the future of their golf club. Kind of like owning your home versus renting.

Currently, the total cost to join is in the range of $10,000.

To become an equity member of Whitevale Golf Club, you are required to purchase an equity membership, the price of which is set by the outgoing member using his or her knowledge of the sale of the most recently traded equity memberships. Our most recent sales have been in the $3,000 to $5,000 range, plus an initiation fee of $5,000. HST is payable on the initiation fee only.

Equity members also pay annual fees, and are subject to a minimum monthly dining and bar bill.

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Associate Memberships
A limited number of associate memberships are also offered on a one-year basis. The intent of this class of membership is to temporarily fill the void left by equity members who are on medical leave or are in an out-of-town status. A person playing under an associate membership is limited to this category for one year only.

To arrange a test drive or for more information
If you would like to experience Whitevale Golf Club firsthand or would like more information, please contact our General Manager.